Youth & Family Ministry

Calvary's Youth & Family Ministry provides fun and engaging opportunities for kids of all ages to learn more about God in a safe environment. Our saying here at Calvary is, "it's just a phase don't miss it" and our approach to youth ministry is centered around maximizing every chapter of kids lives. We do this by concentrating on 5 Phases: Phase 1 (birth-preschool), Phase 2 (kindergarten-5th grade), Phase 3 (6th-7th grade), Phase 4 (8th-9th grade), and Phase 5 (10th-12th grade). Below you will find the links to information regarding various opportunities and events for each of the 5 Phases.

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Phase 1


Phase 2

(Kindergarten-5th Grade)

Phase 3

(6th-7th Grade)

Phase 4

(8th-9th Grade)

Phase 5

(10th-12th Grade)