40Days of Kindness

Each year during our fall '40Days Spiritual Growth Journey', we share a compelling experience of spiritual growth as we refocus on our purpose, calling, and mission as individuals and as a congregation. When we launched this vital Calvary tradition 17 years ago with the life transforming '40Days of Purpose', we really had no idea how significantly God would use each of these powerful experiences to shape us. 

This year, we are venturing on a very important journey called the '40Days of Kindness'. We are learning that kindness is so much more than just being nice and that real kindness involves compassion, empathy, and time. Together we are practicing kindness as we share inspiring worship, small group experiences, daily Bible readings and weekly memory verses, an intentional focus on prayer and hospitality, and missional service on 'Community Impact Weekend'. We are doing this 'Because You Matter' and what you do matters too! You are encouraged to prayerfully make a commitment to get involved and grow in kindness in the 7 ways highlighted below.


Hear all of the weekend messages and listen to the podcasts if you miss worship, so that you can be inspired to grow in kindness and empowered to take your next step along the 'Spiritual Growth Pathway' (ENTER, ENGAGE, EQUIP, EXTEND).


Read the daily kindness Bible verses, to help you ENTER into God's presence. Text 'KINDNESS' to 248.648.3343 to receive the '40Days of Kindness' daily Bible verses. You can also find the verses in the weekly guides under the 'Connect' section below.


Connect with a small group to ENGAGE in sharing and learning with others. Check out our new '40Days of Kindness' blog. Weekly guides can be accessed with the following links.

Week 1 Guide

Week 2 Guide

Week 3 Guide

Week 4 Guide

Week 5 Guide

Week 6 Guide

Week 7 Guide


Remember the weekly memory Bible verse, to EQUIP yourself with God's Word. Text 'KINDNESS' to 248.648.3343 to receive the '40Days of Kindness' weekly memory Bible verse. You can also find the verses in the weekly guides under the 'Connect' section above.


Serve on 'Community Impact Weekend' (November 2-3), to EXTEND God's love to others outside our walls in response to God's kindness to you.


Pray that a spirit of kindness will grow in and among us.


Share just 3 minutes of welcoming hospitality and friendly conversation with someone new each weekend.