This year, we embark on another very timely journey called 40DAYS to REJUVENATE. Life has been tough these past few years and it has taken a toll on each of us in some way. Many express being tired or less hopeful or even questioning their faith. These 40DAYS to Rejuvenate will be a time to revive our spirit, re-engage our faith, and discover new energy for life. The word “rejuvenate” literally means “to make youthful again.” So, no matter your age or where you are in your walk of faith, BETTER TOGETHER we will seek new vigor for our lives by confronting those things that extinguish our faith and lean into practices that promise to refill us and quench our deepest thirst.


Sign up here or email a host


10:45am at Calvary, hosted by Rick Tyler & Chris Cortez

contact chrkcor@gmail.com

7pm Zoom, hosted by Annie Van Goor

contact avangoor@calvary-lutheran.org


6:30pm hosted by Leanne DeRousse at her home

contact lderousse5@gmail.com

7pm Zoom for women, hosted by Julie Scherler

contact julie.scherler@gmail.com


7pm at Calvary for grandparents, hosted by Cindy Dixon

contact cddixon@comcast.net


 10am at Calvary for seniors, hosted by Pastor Jonathan

contact jheierman@calvary-lutheran.org

7pm at Calvary for men, hosted by Pastor Bob

contact bhegdal@calvary-lutheran.org

7pm at Calvary for women, hosted by Sheila Gerber

contact sheila.gerber65@gmail.com

7pm at Calvary for young adults, hosted by Pastor Jonathan

contact jheierman@calvary-lutheran.org

6:45pm at Calvary for kids nursery to preschool aged, Nicole Hock

contact nshock@calvary-lutheran.org

6:45pm at Calvary for kids Kindergarten and up, Rebecca Higgins

contact rhiggins@calvary-lutheran.org

7pm hosted by Dana Chobot at her home

contact danamfox@gmail.com


10am hosted by Diane Midgely at her home

contact dianemidgley12@gmail.com

7pm hosted by Liliane Mitambo at her home

contact lguembou@gmail.com


9:30am at Calvary, hosted by Sarah Craft

contact sakrueg@gmail.com


We encourage you to say yes to this 40Days spiritual growth journey and commit to to getting involved in the following 7 life transforming ways. Below you will find the links to a commitment card form and a letter written by Pastor Jonathan Heierman, inviting you to join us.

1 - Hear

Hear all of the weekend messages in this series, listening either in-person or online (live-streamed worship services via YouTube), so you can be inspired to grow in peace, share it, and take your next step along the Spiritual Growth Pathway (ENTER, ENGAGE, EQUIP, EXTEND).

2 - Read

Read the daily peace Bible verses, to help you ENTER into God's presence. Again this year we can text these daily right to your phone! Just text "PEACE" to 248.617.8232 to begin. You can also find the verses in the weekly guides under the 'Connect' section below.

3 - Connect

Connect with a Growth Group in person or online to ENGAGE in sharing and learning about peace with others. We have Growth Groups you can choose from, or you can start your own (your family could be your group!) using the weekly guides. We will make sure you can get them online, in-person, or through the mail. We believe big life change happens in small groups (and family groups) like these. Weekly guides can be accessed with the links below.

4 - Remember

Remember the weekly peace themed memory verses, to EQUIP yourself to grow in peace by weaving God's Word into your daily life. We can text these weekly memory verses right to your phone! You can also find them in the weekly guides under the 'Connect' section above.

5 - Serve

Serve on Community Impact Weekend, to EXTEND God's love and peace to others outside our walls. We will offer both in-person and online ways to serve!

6 - Pray

Pray the peace prayer daily, that a spirit of peace and love will grow in and among us. Pray that our compassion will propel us as individuals and as a church to more fully embrace opportunities for ministry and spreading hope during these unprecedented times, that we may be instruments of peace in our hurting world. 

7 - Share

Share God's love and peace with at least one other person each day.