Becoming a member is by no means required to attend worship or participate in the life of the church. Membership is however a great way to commit to growing your faith, getting more involved, and learning more about Calvary.

There are no special requirements and we certainly do not ask you to know anything specific, pray in a certain way, or agree with everyone about everything. When you are ready to take this step, we invite you to come to our membership class called Discover Calvary. This class is broken up into two parts, Discover Calvary Parts A and B, which we offer quarterly. Additional information and sign up links may be found below.

In Discover Calvary Part A, you get the chance to meet with Senior Pastor Jonathan Heierman to ask questions, explore the basics of the Christian faith from a Lutheran perspective, and learn what makes Calvary unique.

In Discover Calvary Part B, you will be able to take a deeper dive into the culture of Calvary and learn why we do what we do. In these lively classes we discuss things such as the spiritual growth pathway, who Jesus is, Bible study, prayer and spiritual relationships, community worship, serving, and giving.

If you have questions of any kind please

Contact Us Here.